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[Teacher's Education], is a journal published by the Institute of Education of Korea National University of Education. [Teacher's Education] was first published in 1986 under the name of Korean J. Teacher Educ. [Teacher's Education]covers the areas that are related to the professional development of working teachers, curriculum training, education and policy. [Teacher's Education] is published four times a year in January, April, July, October and has been published by the Korea National University of Education Press. Total or a part of the articles in this journal are indexed / abstracted in DOI / Cressref, Korea Citation Index (KCI) and Korea Science Citation Index Service (KSCI). All of the manuscripts are peer-reviewed. Full text is freely available from:

Contact and manuscript submission

How to submit: Register on the Korea National University of Education and Research Register website by filling out the form under the "논문투고 - 논문투고접수" ("We contribute papers - Papers contribution received) link.
※ In compliance with the Research Ethics Pledge, the author of the manuscript shall be responsible and recognized only for their own work. (News Release - Various forms mounted collection form)
※ In compliance with the Research Ethics Pledge the manuscript must be signed by the corresponding author or co-author and should be marked or annotated accordingly.
Contact: Institute of Education, Korea National University of Education
Phone: 043-230-3887 (FAX: 043-230-3973)