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ISSN : 1225-2042(Print)
ISSN : 2288-5706(Online)
Korean Journal of Teacher Education Vol.29 No.3 pp.192-212

교사의 사기에 대한 교사/학생의 인식 변화 연구

김 성 훈*, 권 효 진**, 이 호 섭***, 임 미 령****
*동국대학교, **고려대학교, ***숙명여자대학교, ****동국대학교

A Study on Changes in Teachers’ and Students’ Recognition of Teacher Morale

Hyo-Jin Kwon**, Sung-Hoon Kim**, Ho-Seub Lee***, Mi-Ryeong Lim****
**Korea University
**Dongguk University,**Sookmyung Woman University, ****Dongguk University


This study analyzes teachers’ and students’ recognition of teacher morale by using data from"Analysis of the Level of School Education and Its Actual condition“ by the KoreanEducational Development Institute. As a result of the analysis of teacher morale and its trendswith elementary, middle, and high school teachers and students as subjects, it has been foundout that the students’recognition was lower than the teachers’. While the teachers’recognitiontended to increase generally, the students except elementary school students showed decreasein levels of recognition. As a result of the analysis of variables having influence on theteachers’ and the students’ recognition of teacher morale, such variables as gender, educationalexperience, and career had effects on the elementary, middle, and high school teachers’recognition. The variables having significant influence on the students’ recognition weredifferent among school levels. The variables in the elementary school students includedperformance levels, socio-economic statuses, parents’ educational supports, and socio-economicstatuses at the school level, while those in the secondary school students turned out toincludeperformance levels, socio-economic statuses, parents’ educational supports, average monthlyeducational costs, seasons of survey, metropolitan cities, foundational types, and school levels.The differences in recognition of teacher morale between the teachers and students providedan opportunity to confirm the distance between the two parties in educational scenes. Thus,the results of this study suggest that efforts for reducing the gap between teachers andstudents in their recognition as well as actions for promoting teacher morale are necessary.