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ISSN : 1225-2042(Print)
ISSN : 2288-5706(Online)
Korean Journal of Teacher Education Vol.29 No.3 pp.338-354

광합성 실험에서 BTB 용액의 변색에 대한 교과서 분석 및 예비 교사의 화학적 이해 조사

윤 희 숙*, 김 지 명**
*강원대학교, **홍익디자인고등학교

Analysis of Textbook and Pre-service Teachers' Understanding on Color Change of BTB Solution in Photosynthesis Experiment

Heesook Yoon*, Ji-Myeong Kim**
*Kangwon National University
**Honglk Design High School


Although ‘photosynthesis of plant’ is a concept studied in the area of life science, theexperiment that identifies the gas going in and out the plant should be based on chemicalunderstanding of the change in the color of BTB solution. This study aims to find problemsand supply implications for improvement of the experimental practice on 'photosynthesisexperiment'. To conduct the survey, we reviewed the contents of 8 textbooks of middle school“Science 1” of 2007 revised science curriculum and 8 textbooks of middle school “Science 2”of 7th science curriculum, and then surveyed 202 pre-service teachers with questionnaires. Theresult of the textbook review shows that the initial colors of BTB solution used in theexperiment of ‘photosynthesis’ are blue or green and the colors of BTB solution afterphotosynthesis was different according to the textbook. And also, the chemical explanationsuggested in textbook was insufficient for chemical understanding about the color change ofBTB solution in photosynthesis. The answer of the pre-service teachers was categorized by 3types; the color returns back to blue regardless of the original color of the solution(type 1),the color returns back to green(type 2), and the color returns back to the original color of thesolution(type 3). But some of type 1 cited the reason for the color change that the generationof oxygen changes the liquid property of the solution into being ‘basic’. In the meantime,some of type 2 responded that the disappearance of carbon dioxide results in being ‘neuter’without consideration of the original water property. To clarify the confusion and improve thepartial understating on the color change of BTB solution, it is necessary to develop themethod to make standard BTB solution to be used in photosynthesis experiment and addmore detailed explanation of the reasons why BTB solution changes its color in the textbooks.