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ISSN : 1225-2042(Print)
ISSN : 2288-5706(Online)
Korean Journal of Teacher Education Vol.30 No.2 pp.273-294

사립 유치원 교사의 신경증적 경향성 및 성실성
성격변인과 직무 스트레스 및 대처방식과의 관계

이 혜 련* , 강 진 령** , 박 주 령***
* 경희대학교 교육대학원
** 경희대학교 교육학과
*** 경희대학교 교육학과(교신저자)

The Relationship of Private Kindergarten Teacher’s Job Stress and their Ways of Coping by Neuroticism and Conscientiousness

Jooryung Park, Hye-reon Lee, Jin-ryung Kang
Kyung Hee University


The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship among the privatekindergarten teacher's personality factors, job stress, and ways of coping. The participantswere 314 teachers age of 22-54, working at private kindergartens in S City. In order to collectdata, the IPIP (International Personality Item Pool), teacher’s job stress measurement, and theway of coping checklist were measured. As the results of this study, a personality factor ofneuroticism was low positively correlated with job stress; otherwise, a personality factor ofconscientiousness was low negatively correlated with job stress. It turned out that neurotictendency private kindergarten teachers perceived job stress when they had overload at work,loss of authority, and difficulty of classroom management. However, the conscientious privatekindergarten teachers less perceived job stress despite of loss of authority, discord, andconflict. In addiction to job stress, the result of this study indicated that the relationshipbetween neuroticism and stress coping had statistically significant correlation towardsemotion-focused coping against job stress. It was also shown that conscientiousness wassignificantly correlated with problem-focused coping. Finally, this study provided fundamentaldata for private kindergarten teachers’ personality tendency.