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ISSN : 1225-2042(Print)
ISSN : 2288-5706(Online)
Korean Journal of Teacher Education Vol.30 No.2 pp.25-53

예비교사의 변인별 중등교사의 인성 요소에 대한
전문가 및 예비교사의 인식비교*

김 경 령** , 서 은 희***
** 연세대학교
*** 서울여자대학교

Perception Comparison of Pre-teachers and Educators about Teacher Character According to Pre-teachers' Variables

Eun Hee Seo, Kyung Ryung Kim
Seoul Women's University
Yonsei University


This study compared pre-service teachers' perceptions of teacher character with educators.A total of 252 pre-service teachers and 22 of educators participated in the survey. Data wereobtained through questionnaires and a MANOVA was used to analyze the data. The majorfindings of this study were as follows. First, there were significant differences of theperception of teacher character between pre-service teachers and educators in diligence,responsibility, teacher efficacy, educational belief, sense of duty. pre-service teachers's gradelevel, the experience of student teaching, the experience of educational services, and careerpath influenced the significant mean differences of the perception of teacher character betweenpre-service teachers and educators. Based on the findings, implications for the pre-serviceteachers' character were discussed. This study can be used as a basic material for developingand conducting character programs of pre-service teachers' training.