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ISSN : 1225-2042(Print)
ISSN : 2288-5706(Online)
Korean Journal of Teacher Education Vol.30 No.2 pp.1-23

교직이수 대학생의 교직희망동기와
교사효능감의 관계에서 귀인유형의 조절효과

이 현 주*

Moderating Effects of Attributional Style on the Relationship between Hoping the Teaching Profession and Teacher Efficacy of Pre-service Teacher

HyunJu Lee
PaiChai Univ.


The purpose of this study was to investigate effect of motivation for hoping the teachingprofession and attributional style on teacher efficacy. Especially, this study focused on themoderating effects of attributional style on the relationship between motivation for hoping theteaching profession and teacher efficacy level. 258 college students were participated toanalyze the Pearson Correlation and Multiple Regression Analyses(stepwise & hierarchicalmethods). This study revealed the following results.First, the correlational analysis showed that active motivation for hoping the teachingprofession and internal attributional style associated positively with teacher efficacy, butpassive motivation for hoping the teaching profession and external attributional styleassociated negatively with teacher efficacy. This results meaned that the more activemotivation and internal attributional style the higher teacher efficacy level. Passive motivationand external attributional style were the opposite.Second, active motivation was the best predictor of teacher efficacy(β=.52, p<.001).Third, external attributional style moderated the relationship between active motivation forhoping the teaching profession and teacher efficacy level. This results suggest that the strengthof the relationship between teacher efficacy and active motivation level differs with the levelof external attributional style. Therefore high external attributional style acts as a weakeningfactor of the effects of active motivation. Consequently, the moderating effect of attributionalstyle was confirmed.